The Best of RTRFM's Slightly Odway Cassette - Pre-Order

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We’ve picked 15 of our favourite tracks from over the years of local acts covering WA tunes and put them all on a cassette to become a piece of history.

Pre-order yours for $20! Cassettes come with digital download codes, in case you can’t find your walkman.

There will only EVER be a select number of these cassettes made, so pre-order yours now.

This item is not in store yet. We will contact you when they are available for pick up.



1. Polite Rebellion (Salary) by Lincoln MacKinnon and the Wrecking Train
2. Rogues (Methyl Ethel) by Airline Food
3. Anchor (Birds of Tokyo) by Bri Clark
4. Postcodes (Verge Collection) by Supernaked
5. Rough Diamonds (End of Fashion) by Michael Savage
6. Dig It Up (Hoodoo Gurus) by Catzilla
7. Wide Open Road (The Triffids) by Salary


1. Last Night (The Scientists) by The Mascara Snakes
2. Saltwater Cowboy (Pigram Brothers) by Tanya Ransom
3. Beautiful to Me (Little Birdy) by Claudie Joy and the Joy Boys
4. Vegemite Sandwich (Jack Davies and the Busk Chooks) by Jewel Owusu
5. Drugs (Ammonia) by Lonesome Dove
6. I Was a Fool (Paul McCarthy) by The Little Lord Street Band
7. Glad Not Sad (The Times) by Luke Dux
8. Slam (Pendulum) & Black Panda (Koi Child) by SuperEgo

Tune into Breakfast with Taylah every Wednesday morning to catch Slightly Odway live. Artwork for Best of RTRFM’s Slightly Odway by Hannah Atcheson.
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